• Ally Marman

The Start of Something

There are moments in life you will always remember clear as day. Meeting your future spouse, finding the perfect home, landing a job...or developing an idea that would later become a business…

I remember it so clearly. It was early November, maybe the 2nd or 3rd. I was driving home on the Taconic Parkway. We had just wrapped our 2nd season creating The Glow: A Jack O Lantern Experience for Townsquare Media. It had gone well, but it was clear to me that my consulting role with them would be completed once the show was safely stored away. The situation was out of my control - mostly due to a tenuous relationship with my then-partner and the client; and I wasn’t totally upset about it. In fact, I was pretty excited.

The Glow was an incredible project and a thrill to bring to life, but with a break in my consulting role came an opportunity for me to ditch my partner and go solo. Not only would I escape a toxic work relationship, but I would finally have the chance to act on my own creativity. While developing The Glow I had loads of ideas, many of which found their way into our final product, but they were all within the confines of the general plan. When I went rogue, and proposed something truly unique, the ideas fell on deaf ears. Now all of that would change.

So there I am, driving down the Taconic - a sacred 35 minutes of silence where I usually do my best brainstorming. I was thinking about The Glow, how my husband always packs the kids up and visits me on site. How the kids, with their VIP Lanyards, get run of the place while we prepare for the night. How they are always going behind the ropes, trying to touch the set pieces that shouldn’t be touched, trying to climb things that shouldn’t be climbed. Even though the night time show is really cool, the kids spend their whole night asking if they can go climb/touch/etc, and I spend my whole night saying “no”...and then….BAM. The million dollar idea. An artistic show for kids, but one where they CAN climb/touch/etc. Where mom and dad can chill out and let the kids have fun and still walk away with some cool photos and some memories.

By the time I reached my house I had the whole show layed out in my head. I had a name, I had a design, now I just needed the funding and the staff to make it all happen. In just a few weeks I secured a location, some staff, a warehouse space and seed money courtesy of a very supportive father. The last thing on my list was to officially break my partnership, but that’s a story for another day.

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