• Ally Marman

The Sick Business Owner

So you start your own business, maybe hire a few people, things are dandy, just cruising away, knocking out projects then…bam, you get sick. When you’re still a small business (or, say, a micro business with just 3 employees), a sick leader means everything comes to a halt. Now what. Well, you will yourself better and pray that your team/partner will fill the whole!

It started to creep in yesterday. I was working from home around 2, I closed up the laptop and snuck out for a quick run before the kids got home. 5 minutes in I knew something was wrong – I’ve had lazy days, days were I just don’t feel like picking up the pace. Days where I justify the MILES, not the speed those miles were done. But yesterday was different. My whole body was tired and my lungs burned. For a split second, I did consider the Coronavirus, but I’m not one to panic so I moved on. I finished my walk and picked up the kids – taking them to the park for a little after-school fun. By the time we got home, I was in full flu mode. My whole body ached and I can barely stand. So much for my late night work shift – once those kids were in bed, I was too. I was hoping to wake up revived, instead I woke up worse.

So, here I sit, on my couch, barely able to sit up, trying to get through a few emails so the day isn’t a total wash. I was moping around, trying to figure out how to get to work since we are wrapping up a big Instagram activation, when Noah finally talked some sense into me. He put on some soup, put me on the couch with some water and my computer and told me to stay home. In a sign of maturity, I listened. 10 years ago, I would have said no and followed him to work. I would have worked all through the flu, somehow not ending up in the ER. These days, my body is slower on the mend and I am much better at listening.

So after about 7 hours of sleeping on the couch, I actually do feel a bit better. And Noah did a few extra hours on his own to make up for me – wrapping up our whole to-do list on his own. Someday, I will get to show him the same kindness because that is the only way to make a family business work. There are days when we’re both 100% - and those days we CANNOT be stopped. But more often, one of us is operating at 125% and the other is at 75%....and we kick those days in the butt too!


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