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Updated: Mar 3

Here we go. Blog post numero uno. I'm not one to share in a public space, but this business has forced me to go beyond my usual comfort zone and put it all out there.

My goal in writing this blog is to share the story of how this business came to be and all the craziness that we deal with on a regular....and maybe offer a nugget or two of insight for my "audience" (read: my dad and mom who are likely the only ones to read this).

Back in 2017 (see below) I was fortunate enough to be a consultant for Townsquare Media designing and building an awesomely fun show called The Glow: A Jack O 'Lantern Experience. About a month after this picture was taken, we were officially dropped from the project - thanks mostly to my business partner (read more about th

at later). This person was rude, ignorant and lazy...

and completely lacked self-awareness. But teaming up with her was the best thing that could have happened to me. Working with her forced me to to take on enormous responsibilities that I would never have done willingly and propelled me into a world of self-employment.

Today, more

than 4 years after I first stumbled into her office for an interview, I don't even recognized the person I was before. That person was scared, timid and complacent. And while our business is still getting its legs, today's version of me is more than able to take on the enormous challenges that lay ahead.

Back then, life gave me lemons....and I made a terrib

le, sour, undrinkable lemonade that fermented over the years, and now, I am enjoying a delicious glass of the hard stuff. That is just the way life works sometimes. It just takes some time.




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