• Ally Marman

Choosing to Enjoy

This may be hard to believe, but this will all be over some day. Maybe in a month, maybe in 2 or 3, but someday, we will all return to buying groceries whenever we want, going shopping for non-essentials like clothes and makeup, and going to school (remember school?) 5 days a week.

When that happens, we will be forever changed – in some ways that are good and some ways that are bad. Our population will sadly be a bit smaller and our outlook may be dimmer. But we will make it.

Today is April 6th, approximately day 21 of our lock down. Today was a pretty good day. Admittedly, the first few days of this were not my best. Those first couple days I was a pretty morbid mixture of sadness, anxiety, stress and worry. I was sad about my business suffering, stressed about sending my husband into the epicenter of the virus, scared that my children would get sick, worried they would forget everything they learned in school…

Then one night, a few days in, Noah and I stayed up late, drinking wine and talking while the house was quiet. I wasn’t sure I could do this, be home all day with the kids, without structure or goals or a jam-packed schedule to hit. And he said this to me:

When this is all over, and it will be all over some day, and we return to “normal”, are you going to be sad that you flittered this time away worrying or happy that you used it to do all the things we have to say no to in our normal life?

Damn Noah. Just Damn.

Well, I am proud to say I chose the latter, although I would be lying if I said it has been smooth

sailing. I am still struggling each day, we all are. To lose your social existence overnight is hard and it is scary. But overall, we are thriving.

I am mad that I didn’t think to make a bucket list back then – but if I had, I think we would be making good progress on it with this list of things we’ve done to make this scary adventure a little less scary.

In the last 3 weeks we have:

· Made homemade Hibachi Night (complete with saki and a HUGE mess)

· Planted every seed we could find in every container we could find. Most are not labeled so that will be fun in a few months

· Had more bonfires that in the 3 previous summers combined and eaten way too many hot dogs

· Swam in a VERY cold brook, almost daily

· Stayed in our PJs all day, even during work calls and school chats.

· Created our own baking recipes, tried baking them, and then dared each other to eat them.

· Taught the kids to skin and cook a fish (on a bonfire, of course)

· Had dance parties. Lots and lots of dance parties

· Took dozens of virtual bike rides in the living room

· Stayed up late, almost every night. Them talking to Grandma on Alexa and me watching terrible shows on Netflix.

· Slept late, very late. See above. Still need our sleep you know.

· Cooked elaborate brunches (at 10:30 of course) and ate it while video chatting grandparents.

· Video chatted with friends – yes, friends that are 7 and under, and there were a LOT of weird filters involved. It is hilarious

So, I leave you with this. We are in the eye of the storm right now and it is scary. It seems like it will never end so it feels like we must run around like nuts and scream and cry. But soon, the storm will be over and we will be left only with the memories of what we did during the storm to sooth ourselves. What will you remember?


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